Brigitte and Stephen cause a commotion in Munich, 1968

After the filming of “Shalako” in 1968, Brigitte insisted that her friend Stephen accompany her to any of the “Shalako” premiere’s. He attended two premiere’s with her- one in Munich in October 1968, and one in London in December 1968. Below are pictures from the Munich premiere. During this premiere, ‘fans overturned the couple’s car, ripped Stephen’s $500 tuxedo to shreds and ripped what little else there was to rip off Brigitte’, according to the Detroit Free press. As you can see below, the pair did end up at the premiere fully clothed, but the frenzy they created is quite evident in the pics.

Fullscreen capture 10202015 112002 AM.bmpshalakopremdress2shalakopremciggboydbardot43711660shalakopremdrink0shalakopremarrivshalakopremdrink2shalprem600full-brigitte-bardot


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