Stephen Boyd and Old Hollywood Glamour

Stephen Boyd had the style and the image of old Hollywood Glamour. Stephen himself would often say that the Hollywood (during his era) had already lost its mystery.

“There was a time when celebrities were really idols- remote gods and goddesses whom people looked up to and adored. I think everybody needs an idol, but once that idol is reduced to average size and every intimate detail of his life made an open book, then he loses that pedestal which separates him from those who desire to gaze up at him….Ideally, it would be wonderful if, like the fables cities of old, Hollywood could be enclosed behind high walls and no one except those who work there be permitted to enter. Then the mystery would return. Then people once again would wonder and marvel at the fabulous aura emanating from behind those walls. It would once more be a magical kingdom. I think that’s what people really want in their stars–the marvelous magic of mystery.” (Photoplay, 1966)

Here’s a few pics of Stephen out on the town which I think capture some of that Old Style Glamour!

airplanes1010390_640482855993049_768761299_n (1)
Stephen and unknown ladies
airplanes1010390_640482855993049_768761299_n (2)
Denise Darcel
Denise Darcel
Emmaline Henry
Emmeline Henry
Giovanna Ralli
giovanniralliFullscreen capture 10202015 112541 AM.bmp
Gionvanna Ralli
Joan Collins
Joan Collins
Joan Crawford
Joan Crawford
Stella Stevens
Stella Stevens
Tina Louise
Marilyn Hanold Boyd
Marilyn Hanold
Elke Sommer and Marilyn Hanold
Marilyn Hanold
Romney Tree

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