Stephen Boyd and Anna Gaylor in “Seven Thunders” (The Beast of Marseilles)

Stephen met French actress Anna Gaylor in 1956 while filming “The Beast of Marseilles” for Rank films. According to Modern Screen in 1960 and other sources, the two became very close. Anna even looks a little like Stephen’s first petite wife Mariella Di Sarzana.

He made a picture called Seven Thunders with French actress Anna Gaylor and lightning struck them both. Anna, -who still acts in Paris, is in Steve’s words, “beautiful, fascinating and a true artist.” The liaison lasted for 18 months and Steve still hasn’t forgotten Anna. In fact, he still writes her now and then. Like all romantic involvements since, it ended without hard feelings. “It always comes to the point where either you do or you don’t,” explains Steve simply. ”Anna and I reached that point and we made the right decision. But she was very, very good for me.”

Below, from Inside Story 1960:

Here are some pictures and posters from “The Beast of Marseilles”, which also happens to be Stephen’s first true starting role!


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